Body Resistance                                                                                                                                                  – Tia, Avei, Natasha } Run circuit practically                                                                                           QR Codes } Printed off and up at showtime table                                                                                     – Apple TV to show videos                                                                                                                               Circuit Training – Cardio, Weights                                                                                                               Banners – Dev Liz -> Crew students

  • Heaps of activities -> Brad and others
  • Blogged along the way                                                                                                                           – Cardio Respiratory fitness                                                                                                                  – Skeletal system                                                                                                                                      – Muscular system                                                                                                                                  – POT’S MOT’S

Principles of training

  • Frequency how often, Intensity, Type of training, time(how long)

Methods of training

  • Circuit training
  • Resistance training/ weight training
  • continuous training
  • interval training
  • short
  • long
  • fartlek

Fitness components

  • health related
  • skill related

Weights training / Resistance training

  • Reps – Repetition
  • Sets –

Muscular Endurance

Girls 15

  • Bicept curl           12-15      6kg        x-again   x-again
  • Deadlift                12-15      20kg
  • Squats                   12-15      20kg
  • Upright Row        12-15      15kg
  • Shoulder Press   12-15       12kg
  • Lat pull down      12-15      12kg

Elite Training Valerie Adams




Reflection on projects


Caleb Hughes
  • I contributed to gathering primary and secondary data by……….
  • I made sense of the data by…………
  • I could contribute more purposefully to the inquiry by……….
I was absent during the first week of them talking about secondary data, but i have been to some of the sessions where brad and sally take us through the different body exercises
  • I contributed to the planning of the project _________by………
  • My role of responsibility was to…….
  • The funding request our group produced (worked well / did not work well) because…….
  • The skills I have learnt at the planning stage are……….
  • I could contribute more purposefully to the planning stage by……….
My contribution to the project was by helping them record the different exercises by being the demonstrator and showing how to properly do the exercise. My responsibility towards this was to properly do the exercise and to know what i was doing so i didn’t injure myself. What my group worked well on doing was being able to control ourselves and to carry on our work and finish whatever it was that had to be done. The skills and other things that i have learnt were to do the 
  • I contributed to the action stage by…………
  • The skills I have learnt at the action stage are……….
  • I could contribute more purposefully to the action stage by……….


  I am curious like Curious George because I am wanting to find out new things and try them as well, and am eager to learn and know new things,like in rugby i am curious to learn new game plans and to learn them and be able to use them during a proper game.

Caleb personal training / wk3

Wed 6th April – Questions + Dead-lift/lunges/plyometric training + Gym Hygiene and behavior + workout

This session was really good today, especially with the work out we got set to do. It was a really heart pumping workout, with doing 10 dead-lifts, and then 10 sit-ups, and 10 push-ups and then doing 10 lunges with a 10kg metal weight plate, and then having to repeat it for a minimum of 10 minutes. I had learnt how to do a proper dead-lift weight and how to do a proper lunge where you have to keep a straight back and go down then push up with the leg that’s in front. I had enjoyed this session a lot with brad, learning the different workouts and stretches.

Caleb Personal training

Task One: Title a blog post the big plan. Add this material to that post…

Wed 30th March – intro + Squat + Workout
Wed 6th April – Questions + Deadlift/lunges/plyometric training + Gym Hygiene and behaviour + workout
Wed 13th April – Questions + bench press + pulling + workout
Wed 4th May – Questions + Stretching + Programme planning (Plan a session without my guidence)
Wed 11th May – Questions + Look over Programmes and talk about them + Guest PT to take workout and explain who they are
Wed 18th May – Questions + Tabata/EMOM/interval/for time differences + Nutrition + Workout
Wed 25th May – Questions + Plan sessions with new knowledge + go over initial meeting when kids are coming in the gym
Wed 1st June – Questions + Guest PT to take a session + variations for Disabled
Wed 8th June – Questions + Guest PT to take a session + Nutrition talk from PT
Wed 15th June – Field trip to the gym???
Wed 22nd June – Kids present workouts to class mates by putting them through the workouts
Wed 29th June – Kids practically take each other through a initial meet and great at the gym
Wed 6th July – BIG WORKOUT + final reflections on what they learnt.

Task Two: Write a summary of what you learnt in the session today with Brad.
Technique etc…

Task Three: Add photos to the blog to support this.

Task Four: Complete the following Anatomy Quiz Anatomy Quiz

Task Five: Go to Human 3.0 app on chrome. Explore the skeletal system.

Task Five: Go to Human 3.0 app on chrome. Explore the muscular system.

Finally ensure you have 4 blog posts for this project.

How do I interact with nature

I can interact with nature by just being more outdoors and learning more about the outback and the environment around it. I could help animals and go fishing or do like natural activities. I could go hiking or something in the woods or some other natural area,  and interact with nature without doing anything serious to pollute or destroy it.

Caleb- Something Challenging

Something that was challenging over the past couple weeks, was maybe keeping up to date on most of my work just because i have been off task a couple times and not knowing what to do when we are given are something to do, but now i have caught up to date with everything an have no outstanding work that needs to be completed.